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Bytecode are pleased to invited you to join our webinar this Aug & Sept 2019 session. Our webinars last no longer than 45 minutes and will share great experience with you.

This great opportunities to learn about Scilab, as well as gaining in-depth information about new area each day!

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SCILAB is an open-source, free software, developed by scientists around the world. It is released as open source under the GPL License and is available for download free of charge.

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This session would introduce how Scilab and modules could be used for machine learning and gradually guide participants to have understanding the basic of deep learning.

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RaspberrySci : Scilab for Image Processing and Computer Vision in Raspberry Pi 4

We have made Scilab and IPCV module to run on Raspberry Pi 4 and gives an alternative of matrix-based programming for the famous embedded board.

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Predictive Maintenance with Scilab

Predictive maintenance is a technique to predict when a mechanical component will fail so that it can be replaced.

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Data Mining with Scilab

Data Mining is the process of extracting usable data in order to discover patterns, relationships and anomalies in a dataset.

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