About Us

Bytecode (formally Trity Technologies) has always been a Premier Leading Open Source Solution Provider. Its original purpose was to serve the local Engineering & Science community in the area of Education and R&D. Moving ahead with the Open Source Revolution, Bytecode will continue to create value and contribution to the community. We strive to foster the widespread of developer ecosystems for a better and bigger Global Hive.


We continue to pledge the support for the IT Knowledge Based Economy in providing to our customer with a competitive advantage through Open Source Cloud Platform as a service. They could enjoy long term total cost benefit through continuous transformation of the know-how and expertise which are critical economic resource. With only with such application of knowledge it would produce fundamental changes in the economy and society in 3 ways: improvement, exploitation and innovation of which we would eventually move away from classical model that rely on proprietary, patent-first business model. 


Bytecode will continue to preserve to build Trust, Open source development heritage and commitment. Current product portfolio, Innovation and You through means of Coop ownership with a spice of Diversity and Inclusion.

What our Clients Say

Thank you for a simple and good explanation.

Thanks for making me to understand the link between AI, ML and DL clearly.

Thanks for organizing this event and very helpful for me.

Detailed presentation by the presenters. As a beginner in this field, this does help me and give me an idea on how to use SCILAB for my research.